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Why Organic? Why Fairtrade?

Good for you, good for the planet!

Organic food growers and processors use only natural fertilisers and pest deterrents. Hormones, antibiotics, irradiation and genetically modified organisms are prohibited, along with all chemicals. Food is produced naturally in clean, organic soil, using traditional farming methods like composting and crop rotation to ensure fertility, contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.

Organic produce, in this case tea & spices, come with certification by an accredited Organic Certifying body, like BFA or NAASA to prove that they have been grown organically, under the strict international standards needed for verification.

Organically produced foods are also best for you as consumer – no value adding of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or genetically modified ingredients to your body! Recent studies in European Universities have shown that there is no debate, organic food is better for you.

This means that the process of bringing our Organic Chai products home to you has been gentle on the Earth, sustainable and non-harmful in many ways… Our Chai production house is run completely on Solar Power, the Chai is mixed and packed lovingly by hand and presented in gorgeous re-cycled cardboard packaging. The health giving qualities of the tea and spices are naturally stronger and more nutritious and you are ingesting nothing but delicious Chai!


The Organic Rainbow Chai Pyramid Teabags are our first product to be registered Fairtrade and we are working towards conversion for other products in our range. Fairtrade practices are important to all of us at Chai Tea.

Fairtrade is an alternative model of international trade, which aims to share the benefits of trade more equitably between consumers, producers and the environment. Farmers receive better prices, allowing them to grow organically, without harmful pesticides and also bringing improvements to community infrastructure, education and healthcare systems.

Here are some links for more info on Fairtrade, Organic growing, consuming, and the benefits thereof…

Cornstarch derived PLA (info about the Cornstarch derived PLA used to make the pyramid tea bags)